Our Work

Government Relations

America’s founders foresaw the consequences of government decisions and provided a Constitutional right for the people to petition their government.  This right has evolved into today’s role of government relations, providing all people and organizations with the opportunity to directly interact and establish relationships with those in government whose decisions directly affect everyday lives.

Our job is to know who will make those key decisions and what will drive them. We make certain that our clients are in the best possible position to shape those decisions and directly impact the ultimate outcome.

Public Affairs

Modern technology and a 24-hour news cycle plays a large part in the relationship between the governing and the governed.  We offer advice and counsel on how your government issues may be perceived in Washington and throughout the nation.

Policy Development

It is simply not enough to voice support for or opposition to issues being considered by Congress or the Administration.  If you object to what the government is doing or if you believe it should be altered, we will work with you to develop policy to achieve your desired outcome.

Interest Group Outreach

Frequently, educating and influencing government is more successful if you and your organization effectively align with other similarly situated parties.  We work with you to identify interest groups that share your goals and work to build coalitions that will achieve your desired results.

Forecast and Analysis

Government decisions are influenced by a number of factors domestically.  These factors cover a wide spectrum of issues including global economics, international governing bodies, national media and, most importantly, local politics.

Our goal is to gather intelligence and provide you with information and analysis that is prompt and meticulous. Using trusted sources and our experience, we provide accurate information so that you can make timely decisions.

Strategic Counsel

Seeing an issue through another set of eyes provides perspective.

Our straightforward, personal advice is designed to help you make tactical decisions by knowing what motivates the forces of politics and policy, which will ultimately affect the outcome of issues that will impact your organization